Merchandising - Official merchandising for companies | Stadium


The care for the quality has led us over the years to produce official merchandising for companies more or less important throughout Italy. Products that bear official wordings and logos and which are sold in official stores.

We are open to collaboration with any marketing company, from professional to second-level ones, with our experience we can offer graphic solutions and products that are always up-to-date according to current trends and needs.


Home delivery

Our deliveries are entrusted to the courier GLS which guarantees delivery in 1-2 days throughout the national territory.


Free estimates

Ask for a quote through the section "Contact us" of our website. We will reply in a short time by sending you the price list of the requested product. We remind you that the minimum order quantity is 50 pieces.


Delivery time

Our greatest strength is the rapidity. We have equipment 24 hours –working and we manage even the urgencies. We guarantee delivery within two weeks of ordering.